Sakura & Frame - BGM Clear Stamp |
Sakura & Frame - BGM Clear Stamp |
Sakura & Frame - BGM Clear Stamp |

Sakura & Frame - BGM Clear Stamp

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Sakura & Frame - Clear Stamp

  • Black design indexing clearly shows the design as it would stamp out in colorĀ 
  • A set of 10 clear stamps mounted on one 10 x 13cm backing sheet.
  • A set of different images can be combined together to create different craft work
  • Imported from Japan with high quality printing
  • Good for scrapbooking, paper crafts, card decorations, gift tags or other craft projects
  • What's inside? Clear stamps of Japanese sakura cherry blossoms, cats and floral frames

BGM is a Japanese brand specialized in quality paper products like flake stickers, washi tapes, cards and sticky notes. Their stickers and washi tapes have beautiful watercolor illustrations printed on them. The designs show the beauty of nature and everyday life. Perfect for your journals, planners, scrapbooks, cards or anything you like to decorate. Enjoy decorating with BGM today!