How to make a sunflower scene?

flower washi sticker washi tape

Here's how I create a sunflower scene with Bande Sunflower Masking Art Kit. This kit includes a roll of transfer masking tape (Sunflower stem) and a roll of sunflower washi stickers.

1. A transfer masking tape is a masking tape with 2 layer structure. Cut the tape to a desired length. Simply stick the tape onto the paper card and press firmly. Then peel off the top layer slowly. The die-cut base layer will be attached.

sunflower stem transfer washi tape

 2. Make sure the length of each stem is different.

 3. Next, stick the sunflower stickers on top of each stem. A beautiful sunflower field / scene is created. Finally write a quote "create your own sunshine" by using a brush pen

sunflower washi tape stickers field         

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