How to decorate a plain tote bag?

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In this post, I am going to show you how to decorate a plain tote bag with IRODO stickers.

What are IRODO stickers? 

IRODO is a Japanese brand specialized in quality transfer stickers especially for use on fabric. Unlike other embroidered iron on patches, Irodo stickers do not require the use of an iron. Anyone can use them easily on fabric. All you need is a pair of scissors and a coin. These stickers can be used on various kinds of fabric including cotton, linen, leather. You can decorate your tote bags, pouches, book covers etc. to make them unique and stylish. 

Please also watch our video to see how to use these stickers.

Follow the following steps on using Irodo stickers:

Confirm the position where the Irodo stickers are to be pasted. You can paste the whole sheet or cut out the stickers you want and create your own design.
Gently peel off the transparent backing sheet of Irodo stickers. Make sure the adhesive part does not stick to your fingers.
Paste the Irodo sticker with the adhesive side to the fabric surface and press it firmly with your fingers.
Scratch the Irodo sticker thoroughly with a coin so that the sticker is attached onto the fabric.
After the Irodo sticker is attached, remove the top transparent sheet slowly.
Put a cloth onto the surface of the Irodo sticker and press firmly.

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